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Graphic Designer Position Open at Red Chalk Studios

Red Chalk Studios is seeking a full-time, highly-motivated, and exceptionally organized kick ass graphic designer to join our team. A successful candidate is dedicated to excellent brand and design thinking and skills, for print and digital media, with a relentless drive to improve and innovate. You must be an effective communicator who can lead projects from start to […]

Red Chalk Studios Expands with Acquisition of Cahoon & Cross

Red Chalk Studios is a full-service creative agency based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with over 17 years of experience in developing and delivering brand strategies and marketing campaigns for clients big and small. We develop brand ideas and tell our clients’ stories in the most authentic way possible — stories that are built through mindful […]

Brand Development vs. Marketing vs. Brand Engagements: How Each Supports the Other

More often than not, the primary reason companies reach out to Red Chalk Studios is to develop a THING. In our world, that THING will be a brand engagement MECHANISM or TOOL. Might be a website. Might be sales collateral. Might be packaging. Might be an advertising campaign. Might be a mobile app. Whatever it is, most people (and companies) […]

Posting, Tweeting and Snapping Your Brand

These days, if you’re not represented on social networks, you may not exist in people’s minds. That’s the reality. And if you’re trying to impact anyone under the age of, say, 50, it’s essential. You may already know this. You may already be there. You may already stay busy posting, tweeting and snapping. But are […]

Brand Building : Start with a Strong Blueprint and Foundation

We want to challenge you to start thinking differently about your brand. Heck, we want to challenge you to just THINK about your brand. Before you decide you need a website that does X… Before you assume you need an advertising campaign that tries to sell everything you do… Before you disregard social media because you don’t personally use it… It’s time to stop putting […]

Five Pieces of Advice for New Graphic Designers (and the not-so-new) On the Job Hunt

I was asked to help a soon-to-graduate graphic designer with one of her final projects—interview someone in the field. This request, not uncommon at Red Chalk Studios, coupled with a semester stint at Old Dominion University teaching a senior-level studio class, has revealed thematic advice I give rising designers. New talent is always knocking at our doors, and […]

5 Podcasts I Love

I was first introduced to podcasts by my friend, Jodi (who was also the one to convince me, years ago, that Facebook was not so hard to use and to quit my whining and just do it). She’s pretty smart, that Jodi. When I first ventured into this medium, the pickings that held my attention […]

A Letter to Our Clients

Dear Favorite Client, Where to begin? There are so many things we’ve been wanting to tell you, but until now, never quite got around to it. You’re busy, we’re busy… there’s the kids to feed and the chores to do. But we’re putting all of that aside now, because this is important and these things […]

Why I Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Shop By Myself

So, I rarely go to the mall — it’s never been a place that brings me joy. More often than not, I’m overwhelmed, over-stimulated, and just over, over, over it. But I broke protocol because our local mall now has a Mac store and, well, there’s that new iPhone I needed to check out. With […]

My Summer at CooperType

As things warm up here in Virginia Beach, I’m reminded of where I was last summer… wrapping up my spring semester as a professor at ODU and had just received a congratulatory email from Cooper Union — I had been accepted to their CooperType Condensed program. For 14 hours, six days a week for five weeks […]

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