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Choose the Right Words: Eight Tips for Clever Taglines

A tagline, a.k.a. a catchphrase, soundbite, slogan, saying, jingle, etc. A tagline can be so impactful that it propels a simple business into a world-leading enterprise. A tagline can fail so detrimentally that it submerges a business into a course-correction mode. There’s an art. There’s a skillset. There’s a process to crafting the ideal nugget […]

Today’s Top Trends in Web Design

News flash, the world of the internet changes on a dime. (Wait, do dimes even still exist?) And when you’re moving forward with a brand new website or redesigning an existing site, there are many, many strategic decisions to be made. We’ll save most of those for another blog article, but for now, let’s talk […]

Can You Be Really, Truly Fit At Your Desk?

Do you sit at a desk or in meetings in your 9 to 5? We do, too. That’s a lot of inactivity and it takes a toll on your body. Sitting is the new smoking, so they say. For most of us, the thought of doing a little extra workout activity during business hours isn’t […]

In Today’s Digital Advertising Landscape, What Would Don Draper Do?

“Change is neither good nor bad. It simply is.” – Don Draper To say that advertising has come a long way since the 1960s-era series “Mad Men” is a total understatement. If you’re in marketing and advertising and have not seen the AMC award-winning series, go watch it now, it’s on Netflix. You’ll appreciate the […]

The Right Way To Write For Social Media Success

Writing for social media is not any different than writing for any other content platform. There. There’s your answer. Thank you, and goodnight! Just kidding, that would have been a terrible article. The foundational principles of effective copywriting easily apply to the scan-able, swipe-able world of social media — with a few important tweaks to […]

The Latest Features and Hot Topics from Google Marketing Live: Part 2

We continue our recap of Google’s annual marketing conference — “Google Marketing Live.” In “Part 1” we revealed some of our favorite and not so favorite feature announcements made on Day One. On Day Two of the Google Marketing Live conference, Google transitioned to discussions around strategy and important industry topics rather than Google features. […]

The Latest Features and Hot Topics from Google Marketing Live: Part 1

This week Google is hosting their annual marketing conference — “Google Marketing Live.” On Day One, they announced marketing and advertising features that have either been newly launched or are on the horizon. We’ll breakdown the standout features in this post. We’ve also recapped Day Two’s industry and strategic conversations in our “Part 2.” So, […]

The Reality of Digital Marketing Expectations

It’s pretty ironic, isn’t it, that the flood of information on the Internet about marketing on the Internet makes it easy to drown in all the confusion. One company’s sales pitch could sound like fact when, well, maybe it’s not. And trying to interpret Google-speak is like trying to speak Dothraki. It can be overwhelming […]

Six Lessons I Wish College Had Taught Me – Real World: Designer Edition

You remember all the studying, projects, feedback, papers, reading, reviews, presentations and so on during your formidable college years? Or maybe you’re knee deep in the trenches at this very moment. College, that in-between time of your life when you’re getting ready for bigger and better plans — preparing for the “real world,” right? Well, […]

Seven Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Sometimes the concept of “digital marketing” can seem chaotic, like the wild, wild west — it’s there and people are flocking to it, but no one’s really conquered it yet. An uncharted and continuously changing landscape can be quite intimidating. There are new rules, unfamiliar nuances, and misinformation out there. And that’s where mistakes can […]

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