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The Creative Species

It is hard to believe that it has been almost one year since I first began working at Red Chalk Studios. I can honestly say it has been a great honor to work beside, and have the opportunity to observe, the day-to-day customs of that most mysterious and elusive band of creatures, the “creative.” The […]

The Golden Rule to Working with Creatives

My first professional position out of college was working at Nomadic Display as an in-house designer in the marketing department. It was a good job, though not even close to being the one of my dreams. I wanted to work at a small creative shop, in the heart of Alexandria, and design important, “cool” pieces […]
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What is branding and why is it important to your business?

Branding… What is that exactly? If you look up definitions for branding. But they all come down to this: your brand is what people think it is. That’s right… The perception, image, experience, memory etc. that people have of you is your brand. A brand exists in the minds of consumers; and no matter how […]

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