Chalk Talk

Give Your Brand Some Space

“Oh, wow.” “So cool.” “I love this place!” When clients first come into our office, more often than not, they say something about how it looks and how it makes them feel. Granted, there are a bunch of creative types here at Red Chalk Studios, and we don’t mean to be braggadocious (okay, maybe a little), but we have carefully designed our environment so that it has an impact on our clients that reflects our brand.

Simply, they have a Red Chalk brand experience every time they’re here.


Your corporate and/or retail space is important. If you have people there that you’d like to influence with your corporate culture (**not just customers and clients, but also your team/staff/employees—watch for our thoughts on Brand Ambassadors**), then the environment you create is just as critical as your marketing outreach.


Your place is a brand asset.

Think of your entire environment as a frame in which you can communicate your brand. Does it match your passion and spirit? Does it help tell your story? Does it show what you stand for? Does it define or reflect your beliefs and values? You can see how just putting your logo on the wall doesn’t really cut it.


Through graphics, colors, types of furniture, technology, greenery, music, even smells (like Alex cooking something delicious in the kitchen, by the way), you can create an important brand experience that inspires people to embrace your story.


Now look around your place and see if it inspires you. If it does, chalk on. If it doesn’t, we happen to know someone you can call.

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