DoDa Innovation – Mealtime is Funtime

Ketchup Crayon and Mustard Marker logo & label design by Red Chalk Studios

Do-Da Innovations is a specialty consumer product company that takes kids’ ideas all the way to market. They approached us with an innovative idea their children had, which inspired these fun food products. Thinking it was a grand idea, mom and her business partner pursued all avenues and ideas for manufacturing and after two years of research and a false start, settled on this small-hand friendly bottle design and went to work with Ashman Manufacturing and Red Chalk to fulfill the dream.

We worked closely with the client and her children through several rounds of design solutions, with concepts being suggested by the kids themselves (this was their product, after all, and they had a clear vision). Currently in production is the Pancake Pencil. Mealtime is now definitely funtime.



Project Details:


DoDa Innovations



Logo Design, Packaging
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