Pennacook Peppers Rocks the Hot Stuff

Designing labels for food products is one of our joys. It’s even more fun when the client understands the value of good, strategic design and then gets excited about working with us to keep on strategizing and creating marketing assets. Enter Pennacook Peppers. Red Chalk developed a solution that not only captures the client’s vision, […]

Cosmo Celebration Sauces

Walking down the pasta sauce aisle in any grocery store, it can difficult to make a choice. It can be even more difficult to cut through the noise and have your brand taken home for dinner. Dr. Cosmo Salibello had been selling his sauce for years, but really had no definable brand. He came to Regroove […]

Barrel-Aged Bourbon Hot Sauce

What else would you do with your old bourbon barrels but use them to make a hot sauce? When A. Smith Bowman, the company behind the Virginia Gentlemen line of sauces, needed a label for its new hot sauce, it once again trusted Ashman Manufacturing and Red Chalk for a solution that reflected the heritage […]

Whitley’s Peanuts Takes a Chance

Selling peanuts is serious business. Just ask Todd at Whitley’s. And in choosing a design agency to work on his labels, he’s just as serious. When asked to design his holiday and Father’s Day label line for a variety of nuts and flavors, we harnessed the wealth of knowledge Todd brought to our partnership coupled […]

The Original House Dressing Finally Gets Produced

Anybody who’s been to Williamsburg, VA or is associated with the College of William and Mary knows The Cheese Shop. It’s famous. And for good reason… they make the best ever house dressing. And for years their customers have been asking them to jar it so they can enjoy its goodness at home. Working with […]

DoDa Innovation – Mealtime is Funtime

Do-Da Innovations is a specialty consumer product company that takes kids’ ideas all the way to market. They approached us with an innovative idea their children had, which inspired these fun food products. Thinking it was a grand idea, mom and her business partner pursued all avenues and ideas for manufacturing and after two years of research […]

The Aromatherapy Shoppe : Sweet-Smelling Packaging

The Aromatherapy Shoppe is a growing retailer, focusing on creating high-quality, artisan bath and body products. Our client is a modern-day alchemist with a wonderful lab full of essential oils, carrier oils, herbs and botanicals. They blend love, artful techniques and recipes from generations past, and precise chemistry to handcraft bath and body products that they consider food for […]

Pork Barrel BBQ

Working with Pork Barrel BBQ has been such a great experience. Almost immediately after we started working with Brett Thompson and Heath Hall to redesign their All-American Spice Rub label, they decided to also bottle their award-winning BBQ sauce and were accepted to be on the popular business-themed reality series Shark Tank. After winning a partnership […]

Ashman Manufactures Up Deliciousness

Working with Tim Ashman of Ashman Manufacturing Co. and his family of sauce makers has been a real joy, and not just because we often get to sample the goods. Over the past eight years, our relationship has grown from simply designing product labels to building a trust that made us Ashman’s agency of record. We […]

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