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Quarantine Top 5 Keeping the Kiddos Entertained

Who else has a little one to keep entertained?

Art director, Ceindy, put together a list of top animated series to keep that kiddo entertained and maybe even educated.


1. Carmen Sandiego on Netflix

Learn some geography and some moves to encourage that inner spy. They recently released Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not to Steal, an interactive version that puts you in charge of the storyline.


2. Brainchild on Netflix

Think Bill Nye and stream some science fun. My son’s favorite episode is on germs, funny enough, and we’ve watched it so, so, so many times.


3. Avatar The Last Airbender

We have the DVDs because we’re old school, but this series is truly enjoyable for both kids and adults. It’s a great show about friendship and explores a lot about feelings and emotions and growth.

Okay, so that’s something great for both you and the kiddo(s), but the reality is they might still want to watch Bakugan/ Beyblades/ Pokemon for the millionth time, so here’s something fun you can do while they watch those: WEBTOONS!

Webtoons are awesome mobile comics that I have been seriously obsessed with. Here are my favorite two to get you started…



Greek mythology – check. Romance – check. Tough life situations – check. Great art – check, check, check! Read it and get hooked, and then wait week after week for the new one, like I have to.


5. Gourmet Hound

This webtoon is adorable, full of food references, awesome friendships, and you follow a young lady who’s working through grief and growth. It’s my absolute favorite and it just ended this week, which means you can binge the whole thing without any cliffhangers.

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