Your Identity System Needs to Tell the Right Story

If you’re serious about your business, you need professionals who are serious about your brand.


The value you place on your brand identity system speaks volumes to your customers and team about how much you value your business.

First, know that your business, product and/or service logo is but one element of a brand identity system.

Your identity system includes the brand name, service description, tagline, logo family, color family, typography family, brand lexicon, messaging and visual stories. It’s so much more than just a logo.

Having a strategically-developed brand identity system for your company, your products, your services, your programs — your everything — is critical to presenting a strong brand that speaks to your brand foundation and resonates with your audience. It’s about storytelling. It’s about connecting. It’s about standing apart from your competition.

As your brand development expert, Red Chalk Studios has a proven track record of creating powerful and successful identity systems that include:

  • Company, Product and Service Naming
  • Logo Family Development
  • Tagline & Service Line Development
  • Messaging & Visual Storytelling
  • Brand Lexicon Development
  • Brand Voice & Personality
  • Brand Standards for Internal & External Communications


Bayshore Home Services logo design by Red Chalk Studios
Leading Clear logo design by Red Chalk Studios
Washed logo design by Red Chalk Studios
Sage Kitchen logo design by Red Chalk Studios

Goldpetal Farms Name & Logo design by Red Chalk Studios
Philly Cold Cuts logo design by Red Chalk Studios
Cater Boom name & logo design by Red Chalk Studios
Music Makers logo design by Red Chalk Studios

Edmarc logo design by Red Chalk Studios
Spring Brand Church's Common Ground logo design by Red Chalk Studios
LifeCents logo design by Red Chalk Studios
Open Arms Book Bank logo design by Red Chalk Studios

Energy Efficiency Codes Coalition logo design by Red Chalk Studios
Hartley's Heat Hot Sauce logo design by Red Chalk Studios
Navy SEAL Foundation logo design by Red Chalk Studios
Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach logo design by Red Chalk Studios

Ready to talk about how we can help you strategically develop a strong identity system?

We help businesses and organizations small and large. The constant between them all is our devotion to developing smart, strategic and on-brand identity systems that help strengthen and position them all for success.

I’m Ready to Get Started!

  • We have been highly impressed by Red Chalk Studio’s ability to transform our vision and business strategy, as well as their understanding of a complex product, into an outstanding and seamless user experience. We are more confident than ever to approach the largest, most venerable companies and organizations with LifeCents, and the results have been speaking for themselves.

  • Red Chalk Studios consistently exceeds our expectations. The energy and enthusiasm they bring to each project is truly inspiring.

  • When you get Red Chalk Studios in your corner, you’re not just getting the best branding specialists in the business, you’re getting a company that will help support, promote and grow your business to the top of its industry!

  • Red Chalk Studios has an amazing team of talented professionals who know how to not only listen to their clients, but also exceed their clients’ expectations with cutting-edge creativity.

  • Were your ears burning? We were talking about how much we appreciate you and the way you have helped us look so good!

  • Red Chalk accommodates our requests, no matter how challenging they may be, and they do so in the most professional manner. It is a pleasure to work with the Red Chalk gang.

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  • Financial
  • Fitness & Health

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