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Brand Archetypes: What kind of Jester are you?

If your business is able to make someone smile while tapping into a universal truth or wisdom, you are a Jester brand archetype. Maybe your business embodies the sort of innocent cleverness that allows you to speak the truth without offending anyone. Or maybe you embrace being boldly original, not afraid to laugh at yourself […]

Brand Archetypes: The Jester

Bring on the laughter… Is your business personality one that wants to entertain people? Is it important that you connect with people through happiness or laughter? As the Jester archetype, your business is a bit irreverent, pushing the boundaries of what’s expected or “normal.” It’s this humor and the way you deliver it that sets […]

Brand Archetypes: The Citizen

You are in the people business… Does your business look at your customers or members as peers? If your business is energetic and optimistic, and is driven by the belief that together we’re better, then your archetype is most likely the Citizen. As a Citizen business, you respect differences, but find that your mission is […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Citizen are you?

Your business finds purpose in connections and shared humanity, and in promoting the greater good. You spark change. That’s a big part of the Citizen archetype. And your business—as a Citizen business—works to do that by recognizing and building community, having a strong sense of fairness, and taking action to benefit others. Citizen archetype businesses […]

Brand Archetypes: The Magician

Oh, the power of perception… Your business is one that helps people dream big dreams. And then brings them to life. Is your business also one that turns the ordinary into extraordinary? Is it a trusted advisor that seemingly knows the truth and delivers the best outcomes? Is it clever and charismatic and, dare we […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Magician are you?

It’s all about curiosity and transformation. Your business exemplifies the personality of a thinker, one that is inquisitive and questioning. This search for ideas or answers or solutions and the process of transformation are what drive your business… And this archetype. Magician archetype businesses are curious thinkers who explore the inner workings of the universe, […]

Brand Archetypes: The Sovereign

Do you have a “boss” business? Is your business brand that of a leader, one that is imbued with dignity and tradition, embracing proper behavior? If so, you are a Sovereign and your business is all about privilege and status. As a brand, you are controlled with a, dare we say, royal feel? (Is it […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Sovereign are you?

Are you large and in charge? Is your business all about being the leader in your industry? Do you have a nobility about you, perhaps even an untouchable quality that seems to elevate your status? Do you feel motivated by growth and expansion, but are pursuing it by carefully controlled and measured means? If you […]

Brand Archetypes: The Explorer

Does your business embrace the idea of new experiences and expanded horizons? As a brand, is your business mantra, “Time to hit the open road”? Does it celebrate the urge to set out on a journey and make discoveries along the way? If those answers are yes, then your business, my independent friend, is an […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Explorer are you?

Is the open road calling? Does your business wrap itself around exploration? Is your brand all about setting out to discover the great unknown, one that celebrates new perspectives and expanded horizons? Or, perhaps, your business brand is motivated by inner discovery and staying true to the authentic self. Does any of this sound familiar? […]

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