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3 Game-Changing Strategies To Managing Your Brand Consistency

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you… Recognize that song from “The King and I”? Whether you do or not, getting to know someone is the first thing you do before becoming friends. And really, isn’t that what you’re trying to do when attracting customers? Absolutely. But how do you do that? […]

Quarantine Top 5 Wines to Drink

Tough times call for strong wines. Need more Quarantwine at your covid-cabana? Our Digital Marketing Director Diana brings you her… Top 5 Quarantine Wine “Must Drink” List. Cheers! 1. Atha Ruja Cannonau Di Sardegna Doc 2015 Support local businesses by buying this at Tinto’s online for $29.75. I’m obsessed with cannonau right now. It’s a […]

Quarantine Top 5 Disaster Movies

Here’s something you may not know about our Ellen… She loves a good disaster movie. Whether it’s tornadoes, or earthquakes, or snakes on a plane (no, that’s way over the top), or — ack, a virus — she loves watching good people overcome adversity. (Is that why she volunteers with Virginia Beach EMS? Most likely.) […]

Quarantine Top 5 Podcasts

There’s no excuse for quarantine boredom! A sucker for good storytelling, Kim, our Chief Coffee Consumer and podcast lover, thinks now’s a great time to treat yourself to the magical, enlightening and fascinating world of 99% Invisible. These selected episodes are great listens and guaranteed to take you out of your confinement misery and free […]

Quarantine Top 5 Game Recommendations

Art director Tim would argue that dollar per hour entertained, you’ll have a hard time topping a great video game. Whether you love puzzles, unique vessels for story telling, or have a viscous competitive spirit, there is an outstanding game out there for you. Here are some of his top recommendations for gamers and non-gamers […]

Quarantine Top 5 Keeping the Kiddos Entertained

Who else has a little one to keep entertained? Art director, Ceindy, put together a list of top animated series to keep that kiddo entertained and maybe even educated.   1. Carmen Sandiego on Netflix Learn some geography and some moves to encourage that inner spy. They recently released Carmen Sandiego: To Steal or Not […]

Quarantine Top 5 Quirkiest & Nerdiest Ways to Get Through It

Are there any uber-nerds (like our resident Project Wrangler, Christy) out there looking for a way to spend the time cooped up in the house? Well, here are some of the quirkiest and nerdiest ways to burn through the hours of quarantine. 1.  All From Software Video Games No matter what gaming platform you have […]

Red Chalk Studios Helps Music Makers Maximize Their Potential

Robert Smith had a vision for what he wanted Music Makers to be. He had been a teacher at the studio for two years, but when he was approached by the owners to buy it, he took the opportunity to make it his own.     A little background: Music Makers is a studio that […]

Fine Tuning a Community Orchestra Includes Smart Branding Insight and the Right Marketing Tools

Symphonicity, the community orchestra of Virginia Beach, was at a turning point.   The founder and music director of the orchestra was retiring after 35 years, and the non-profit arts organization’s board had created a committee to help them find a new maestro. Enter Red Chalk Studios.    Getting to know this group of passionate […]

On Favorite Books, Facebook Seven-Day Challenges, and Writing Well

Have you been tagged in the “Seven-day Book Challenge”? It’s made the rounds on Facebook lately, as friends call out friends to post covers of their favorite books once a day for seven days running. No explanation, no words—just the cover. It’s intriguing to see the choices my friends make, as I wonder why they […]

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