Red Chalk Studios is a full-service creative agency in Virginia Beach, Virginia, specializing in brand development, strategy, marketing, design, brand engagements and brand management. We are problem-solvers, solution-finders, and askers of “what if?” We help you tell your story in the most authentic way possible — a story that’s built through mindful partnership and development, and delivered in a strong, beautiful, thoughtfully crafted manner. Let’s get started.


Red Chalk Studios acquires Cahoon & Cross Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations

THIS JUST IN: Red Chalk Studios has expanded its footprint as a full-service creative power with the purchase of the long-time marketing and communications agency Cahoon & Cross. Read all about it…


brand consulting

Brand Consulting

Your brand is your story, something that is in the minds and hearts of your audience (at least, it SHOULD be). First, know WHAT your brand is. Then know when, where and how to tell your story. We can help you be an excellent storyteller. 

brand strategy and management

Brand Strategy, Development & Management

Starting fresh or looking for a re-brand? We approach your project with an analytical mind, helping you understand your brand from the inside out, develop strategies to grow your brand, and then carefully manage that growth. See how we did this for

market research and strategy planning

Marketing Research, Strategy & Planning

Researching to understand market make-up is the foundation of our (your) success. By developing strong strategies that identify or create marketing channels, and then positioning your brand to deliver messages that compel a target market to act, makes Red Chalk a powerful partner.

creative services

Creative Services

We have ideas. And then some. But creativity needs a strong purpose and foundational message. We offer powerful art direction, copywriting, graphic design, illustration, and video and motion graphics that support your brand, attract attention and engagement, and deliver results.

website design strategy development

Website Strategy, Design, Development & Management

Your website is most likely your most powerful branding tool and source of information. Red Chalk Studios offers in-depth strategy and planning; content audits and writing; user experience design; programming; and beautifully-designed, strategically-minded sites. 

seo audits strategy

SEO Audits, Strategy, Implementation & Management

We start with understanding business-, brand- and user-based goals, because having an online brand presence that is optimized for page one search results is always desirable. Good SEO strategy should include keyword-rich content, targeted meta-data, a device-responsive and fast-loading website, SEO-friendly development practices, keeping up with Google’s protocols and more. And then there’s paid search strategies… We do it! 

content strategy development management

Content Strategy, Development & Management

What you say and how you say it matters more than ever. Be smart about reaching out to where your current and potential customers are and delivering content that invites engagement. We are your partner for strategy, development and management of eNews/blasts, blogs and social media, as well as an integrated approach to all your content. See what we did for Anderson’s.

user experience

User Experience, Interface Strategies & Design

It takes a lot of work to get people to your website… Don’t drop the ball now. We can help you create powerful experiences on your digital properties that inform and engage your audience. Through a deep understanding of your users and thoughtfully designed interface elements that are attractive and easy to access, your online presence can be a valuable, interactive experience. Read the LifeCents story.



Beyond your brand story, we create advertising campaigns that drive results, whether we reach your audience through TV, Radio, Digital, Print, Outdoor, Guerilla or, well, whatever, wherever. Want to see a specific example? Check out what we’ve done for

public relations

Public Relations

There are many aspects to campaigns, and you can be assured that your message will be consistent so your outreach has the greatest impact. Red Chalk Studios is your partner for strategizing special events, assisting in putting events together, writing strong press releases, and distributing them where they’ll get the greatest exposure.

media planning and buying

Media Planning & Buying

You want your messages to get the best possible ROI across all advertising media. So do we. Whether you’re looking to promote your brand, sales, or lead generation, we can leverage our knowledge and relationships to deliver to you smart media strategy, buying, analytics, and optimization.

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.

Frank Zappa

If you do what you always did,
you will get what you always got.

Albert Einstein


Sure, each one of us has a super power, but together, the Red Chalk Studios team is a small but mighty group of marketing professionals who are a true creative, full-service, all-in, extra-mile-going, strategic, flexible, tenacious, talented, innovative, branding force.



Tim Gunn


We have had the privilege of partnering with many wonderful clients, a number of whom, we’re delighted to say, have hung out with us for years. We’re like family — we laugh, we get personal, we collaborate, we question our sanity, we have fun and, at the end of the day, we’re not afraid to tell each other when we have spinach in our teeth.


Agri Pulse

Alliance To Save Energy


Animal Vision Center of Virginia

The Aroma Therapy Shoppe

Ashman Manufacturing

Banner Public Affairs

Belmont Peanuts


CDN Publishing

David Lawrence

Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Fox News

Gaia Group

Hudson’s Luxury Building Boutique

Hyundai of America

Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios

Joseph A. Magnus & Co.

Legal Resources

Life Cents

Mercury Public Affairs

Navy Seal Foundation

Oceanfront Inn Hotel

Pork Barrel BBQ

RBH Drums

Rockland's BBQ





Louis Kahn

  • It’s easy to see Red Chalk Studios’ amazing design and strategy talent, but here is what you need to know that is not so obvious… Their innovative thinking and collaborative approach leads to predictably successful results. The team approaches projects with great energy, humor and enthusiasm, making it super fun while getting the work done.

  • Red Chalk Studios consistently exceeds our expectations. The energy and enthusiasm they bring to each project is truly inspiring.

  • We really respect Red Chalk’s work and consider them an integral part of our team. They care passionately about their creative product and want to be sure it will be effective with the target audience.

  • From start to finish, Red Chalk went well above and beyond the requested agenda, taking extra steps to better understand our design needs, products and business model so they could deliver a solution tailored to our business.

  • Red Chalk understands the online and mobile app ecosystem as well as any of the big agencies in NYC or LA. They help us not only come up with beautiful and unique user interface designs, but they also work diligently to craft the most efficient user experiences. Red Chalk Studios is the real deal – I plan on working with them for years to come.

  • From executive officers to start-up entrepreneurs, Red Chalk makes everyone feel comfortable, quickly gets to the root of problems and finds effective, brand-appropriate solutions. When it comes to client satisfaction, they are a tour de force.

  • When you get Red Chalk Studios in your corner, you’re not just getting the best branding specialists in the business, you’re getting a company that will help support, promote and grow your business to the top of its industry!

  • Kim Nelson is an exceptionally creative individual who understands every aspect of marketing and sales. She and her crew expertly put our clients’ messages and branding “into visuals” time and time again.

  • Whether you’re a new business just starting out or an existing company wanting to improve its identity, I think you will find Red Chalk Studios to be an invaluable partner in the process.

  • Many clients are only able to verbalize their graphics needs. Red Chalk Studios’ designers listen… Then translate ideas into unique solutions for their clients. The ability to listen, conceptualize and then create is one of their best assets.

  • Red Chalk Studios has an amazing team of talented professionals who know how to not only listen to their clients, but also exceed their clients’ expectations with cutting-edge creativity.

  • I thoroughly enjoy working with Red Chalk, not only because they are a high caliber of people, but because they produce a high caliber of work through their creative output, quick turnaround and ability to create solutions for the web and social media.

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