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We’re more than a creative agency. We’re more than a marketing agency. We’re so much more.

We help build strong brands and develop creative solutions that empower your business. We do what matters.

CovaBIZ 2022 Best Place to Work in Hampton Roads Award to Red Chalk Studios

For over twenty years, we’ve been helping many amazing businesses and the people who run them.

Every successful brand is built on having a strong core foundation and marketing tactics that radiate brand-centric strategies. This we know. We also know that incredible things happen when we partner with businesses that embrace brand-thinking.


It’s an honor to be trusted and valued by so many. We take our role of being the catalyst for positive change very seriously. We aren’t here for our egos; we’re here to help, bottom line.

Every day we tackle new challenges.

We embrace each challenge in an effort to deliver more powerful, beautiful, thoughtful, purposeful, and impactful solutions. Every day we challenge ourselves to do better, to get smarter, and create delight. That last one might just be our superpower.


Our Work Makes a Difference

Powerful storytelling is our superpower. Strategy is our uniform. Cat videos are our kryptonite.

Logo examples by brand development experts Red Chalk Studios

Brand Identity System Design

Identity Development That Strengthens Brands and Businesses

While, for us, developing identity systems and logos are typically part of a bigger brand development initiative, we know sometimes you just want to see the results. Here are a few of our favorites. SEE EXAMPLES

Packaging design examples by brand development experts Red Chalk Studios

Packaging & Label Design

Professional Product Packaging Design That Attracts and Delivers Your Brand Story

We develop attractive designs that don’t just look good, they’re smart, elevating the brand and appealing to specific target markets while fitting in with a broader product line or rocking something completely new. Recognize any from the store shelves? SEE EXAMPLES

Video examples by brand development experts Red Chalk Studios

Video & Motion Graphic Animation

Video Storytelling for Advertising, Brand Building, Education, Training and More…

Putting your story into motion is a great way to attract and engage your audience. We love helping you do just that, creatively and effectively. All of these examples are part of a larger marketing campaign and effort. But as stand-alone marketing assets, they’re pretty powerful. SEE EXAMPLES

Video examples by brand development experts Red Chalk Studios


Strategy, Design, Content, Development & Management

Websites are THE primary marketing tool for any business and organization. Having the RIGHT website is critical in creating a branded experience, achieving your business goals, and driving visitors to action. Most of our website solutions are paired with additional marketing efforts to ensure their success. SEE EXAMPLES

Custom illustrations by brand, creative and marketing agency Red Chalk Studios


Custom Illustrations to Help You Tell Your Brand Story. Better.

You desire to stand out, stand above and stand apart. You want to own your brand imagery. After all, it’s your brand and you should protect it! Consider custom illustration to help you do that. Red Chalk offers a range of illustration styles and there is no limit to what we can do for you. SEE EXAMPLES

Work By Client & Industry


Thrive Proactive Health

Realigning Communications for a Growing Multi-Service Health Clinic

Working with a business owner and a team dedicated to helping people move and feel better AND who value the brand they’re building is a combo we can get behind. On top of that, they’re just incredibly nice people. So when it came time to address areas that needed realigning and strengthening, Red Chalk took on the effort to improve Thrive’s marketing assets and efforts.

Red Chalk Studios is Thrive Proactive Health's Marketing Agency of Record



Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

Invigorating a 90+ Year-Old Institution to Help Build a More Inclusive Future

How do you evolve an identity system that carries almost 100 years of symbolism without losing equity and purpose? How do you wrangle a massive and outdated website that’s outgrown its original strategies and is unwieldy for both visitors and site managers? First, you take a deep breath and approach each systematically and with care. Then you develop solutions that delight and exceed expectations. And that’s just what Red Chalk did for the A.R.E.

Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. logo and website redesign by Red Chalk Studios in Virginia Beach, VA



The Gardener’s Center

Embracing the Guru, Optimizing Marketing Efforts

You’re doing all of the marketing things and yet your business isn’t growing. Because it’s not just about doing the things, it’s about doing them right and with a purpose. That’s just what we helped the folks at The Gardener’s Center in Darien, Connecticut do. And within the first year, the results were pretty darn amazing.

The Gardener's Center Collateral Design by Red Chalk Studios



Reston Farm Garden Market

Rebranding a Legacy Garden Market for New Owners

We certainly have a passion for helping family-owned, small businesses. And when we work with great folks like the Weinsteins who are trying to not only grow their business, but are also open to exploring new ideas and trust Red Chalk with building a stronger brand, it’s an exciting combination. And when business grows during the pandemic year, we’re know we’re collectively onto something that works!

Reston Farm Garden Market eCommerce website design and development by Red Chalk Studios, a full-service creative and marketing agency based in Virginia.




Rebranding a Long-standing Los Angeles Plumbing and HVAC Company

When Los Angeles calls, we answer. And when a home services provider needs to make a dramatic shift in their market position to better attract, service and retain customers, we come to the rescue. So now, when we need a happiness fix, we call Adeedo!

Adeedo Plumbing & HVAC Brand & Creative Agency of Record Red Chalk Studios



ABNB Federal Credit Union

Helping a Bank Get Unbankery

Working with a strategic brand development and marketing agency was not something ABNB had ever done before. But by the time the came to Red Chalk, they were ready for a fresh approach to better attract and grow their membership. We were all over it!

ABNB Federal Credit Union marketing creative by Red Chalk Studios



Alliance to Save Energy

Helping a Washington D.C. Powerhouse Spearhead Energy Productivity Policy, Conversations and Action

As their agency of record for 17 years, we’ve been instrumental in developing everything from brand systems to corporate and event collateral to marketing tools to websites. And many, many things in between.

Alliance to Save Energy Systems Efficiency Report design by Red Chalk Studios




Redefining a Newport News and Virginia Beach, VA Retailer That Defies Convention

We tackled the brand and marketing challenges of a retail business that needed to redefine itself, reinvigorate an aging brand, and reposition itself in its current and expanding marketplace. No small task, but we were up for the challenge.

Red Chalk Studios designed Anderson's signage



Ashman Manufacturing

Repositioning the Producer of Some of Virginia’s Finest Sauces, Marinades and Rubs

Inspired by a delicious array of seafood sauces, marinades, BBQ sauces, hot sauces and rubs, we helped reposition Ashman’s from being “just a manufacturer” to a desirable producer of specialty foods. Don’t underestimate the power of a strategically-designed label… There’s so much more thought and effort that goes into food packaging than what you see on the shelf. And it pays off.

Ashman Manufacturing House Seafood Sauce Label Design by Red Chalk Studios



Building an Environmentally-aware Community

Building awareness and changing behaviors around any one environmental initiative is a challenge for many organizations. Increase that challenge by ten-fold and let us introduce you to Fueled by four uniquely-focused committees made up of representatives from 17 localities, Red Chalk Studios has been successfully tackling that challenge for over a decade.

Red Chalk Studios is's agency of record



Belmont Peanuts

Growing a Peanut Empire in the Heart of Virginia Peanut Country

We count ourselves very lucky to work with the Marks family at Belmont Peanuts. Our collaborative relationship has produced packaging and marketing solutions that continue to “wow” their customers. It does help that their peanuts are mighty fine.

Belmont Peanuts Label Design by Red Chalk Studios



Cater Boom

Strengthening Market Position and Business Growth Potential

When a business owner comes to us with one set of expectations, and our process reveals there is a much bigger challenge and more opportunities that will strengthen their business, it’s not always met with a ton of enthusiasm — because that means there will need to be more work… And more investment. However, when the process and outcome overwhelmingly shine a light on how much stronger their business will be as a result of their trust in us, it’s all hugs and smiles. This was the case with Cater Boom.



Defiance of the Gods: The Rift

Designing a New Tactical Card Game and Making a Dream Come True

When James Baccellieri approached Red Chalk, he was looking for a design studio to help him bring his passion project, a new card game, to life. What he found was much more… He found the best team around to make sure his game was even more amazing than he ever imagined.

Defiance of the Gods game card design and custom illustrations by Red Chalk Studios.




Repositioning a Nonprofit That Displays Their Heart Proudly, Every Day

When an organization evolves and its vision grows, changes are sometimes necessary. But that’s not always an easy decision. When we worked with Edmarc to strengthen their brand positioning, and along with it, developed a new identity system, we needed to be sensitive to their origin story and the equity they had built. But we were up for the challenge. And they were thrilled.

Edmarc Identity System Design by Red Chalk Studios



Goldpetal Farms

Growing a New Brand and Creating New Opportunities

Design a sunflower maze and they will come… Almost. When you have a very short window in which your business operates each year, and Mother Nature will dictate the kind of season you’ll have, the challenge is quite heavy to grow business. But we’ve done just that for the past two years.

Helping Goldpetal Farms strengthen their brand and put on the full-court press is a joy when we have such gorgeousness to work with. And a client who trusts us to make the right decisions for his business.

Goldpetal Farms Identity System Design by Red Chalk Studios



Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach

Repositioning to Better Feed Their Brand

Running a small, yet vital, community nonprofit is always challenging, even when you’ve been doing it for almost 50 years. Helping Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach find their voice and reposition themselves more strongly has given them the tools they needed to raise serious awareness and much-needed funds.

Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach website design by Red Chalk Studios



Music Makers

Helping Tune a Private Music-Lesson Business

It’s always a challenge to maintain the equity and legacy of a business you’ve bought, and insert your vision to create the business you want. That’s just what we helped the new owner of Music Makers do. And in the process, we had a little fun along the way.

Music Makers Brand and Marketing Collateral Design by Red Chalk Studios



Oceanfront Inn

Helping a Family-Owned Hotel Better Compete With the Big Chains

When you’re a family-owned hotel in the very popular Virginia Beach oceanfront resort area, surrounded and competing with big hotel chains — from the Hilton to Holiday Inn — marketing and delivering a unique and desirable brand experience is extremely important. We’ve been working with the great folks at the Oceanfront Inn for over decade to do just that. Their secret? Taking care of their guests like a hometown hero.

Oceanfront Inn Brochure Design by Red Chalk Studios



Philly Cold Cuts

Rebranding a Local Favorite and Positioning it for Growth

It’s not always an easy decision to rebrand a family business that has experienced decades of success. But when your vision is on growth and expansion, it’s sometimes necessary. And when you have multiple family members involved, it’s not aways an easy process. But working with the Fuller brothers as they took over the reins from their father, and helping them fulfill and exceed their vision has been an incredible journey. And they definitely bring the yum!

Philly Cold Cuts restaurant brand development by Red Chalk Studios in Virginia Beach, VA




Helping Our Hometown Orchestra Resonate with New Audiences

When a new maestro takes the baton and steps in front of an orchestra, he brings with him a new vision. In 2016, Red Chalk Studios was brought onboard to help bring that new vision to fruition and to elevate Symphonicity’s marketing efforts. It’s been a journey of love, passion and most excellent music.

Oceanfront Inn Brochure Design by Red Chalk Studios



The Aromatherapy Shoppe

Redesigning Product Packaging To Help a Small Business Get Noticed by Big Stores

Helping small businesses is a passion of ours. And when the owners of The Aromatherapy Shoppe approached us in need of a graphic designer and better product packaging so they could get into larger markets such as Whole Foods Market, we were delighted to take on the task.

Retail Brand Development and Product Label Designs for Aromatherapy Shoppe by Red Chalk Studios



Volunteer Rescue Squads of Virginia Beach

Increasing Donations for the Nation’s Largest Volunteer-based Rescue Squad System

We are proud of our local volunteer rescue squads, which, collectively, happen to be the largest volunteer-based rescue system in the nation. One of the ways we help, besides having a Red Chalk team member (Ellen!) run rescue one workday a week, is by managing their bi-annual collaborative fund drive. In the process, we’ve decreased their costs and increased their donations. That’s a win-win.

Virginia Beach Rescue Committee Fund Drive Campaign by Red Chalk Studios


Part of the Red Chalk mission is to give back to our community by supporting non-profits however we can. Since 2010, we contributed more than $250,000 in financial donations and in-kind service to these fine organizations. And it has been an honor to do so.

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