Competitive Brands Have Strategic Foundations

Gain powerful strategic insight and YOUR principles for building and guiding a competitive and valuable brand.

Brand Foundation Development by Red Chalk Studios

Having a strategically-developed Brand Foundation is the difference between just running a business and growing a valuable, focused brand.

It’s the difference between competing smarter and being indistinguishable from everyone else. What do you want to be?

OUR PROVEN PROCESS will define, clarify and provide direction on:

  • The people you need to attract and the needs you’ll fulfill for them
  • The value you’re providing and why the people you’re targeting should care
  • Your key differentiators and how to leverage them
  • Your distinct brand personality, voice and story, and how that impacts your marketing
  • The tools you need to provide a strategic, cohesive and comprehensive brand direction for your company

Smart businesses have strategically defined and own their position in their marketplace.

They know what makes them unique and how they provide more value to their customers. To be competitive, relevant and desirable to your customers, you MUST have a strong brand foundation that your entire organization lives, embraces and delivers day in, day out. We can help.

When you need to partner with a professional brand development agency:


  • Align your business to your customers’ needs and values
  • Position your products and services uniquely
  • Offer value to your audience
  • Gain stronger traction and take advantage of opportunities
  • Make it easier to grow when you start up smartly!


  • Evaluate the brand you have and be sure it’s the brand you want
  • Position your business and brand for new markets
  • Adapt your brand to market changes
  • Develop tools for your team to deliver smarter brand experiences
  • Align your culture with your core values


  • Evaluate your brand strengths and weaknesses
  • Reposition your brand to align with new markets
  • Redefine your brand to increase its relevance and value
  • Evolve your brand to meet new opportunities
  • Inspire and re-energize your team

What will your Brand Foundation Principles influence?

  • Business name
  • Product and service names
  • Taglines
  • Domain names

  • Business and brand personalities
  • Business culture
  • Recruiting
  • Retention

  • Business communications
  • Marketing communications
  • Advertising strategies
  • Sales strategies

  • Product development
  • Program development
  • Customer experiences
  • Pretty much everything!

Ready to talk about putting more power behind your brand?

Our program is ideal for start-ups to medium-size businesses that have a local, regional or national presence. We tailor the process and outcomes based on your needs. And in the end, you’ll be well-armed for building a better brand and business.

Get Focused and Build Smarter

  • We have been highly impressed by Red Chalk Studio’s ability to transform our vision and business strategy, as well as their understanding of a complex product, into an outstanding and seamless user experience. We are more confident than ever to approach the largest, most venerable companies and organizations with LifeCents, and the results have been speaking for themselves.

  • Red Chalk Studios consistently exceeds our expectations. The energy and enthusiasm they bring to each project is truly inspiring.

  • When you get Red Chalk Studios in your corner, you’re not just getting the best branding specialists in the business, you’re getting a company that will help support, promote and grow your business to the top of its industry!

  • Red Chalk Studios has an amazing team of talented professionals who know how to not only listen to their clients, but also exceed their clients’ expectations with cutting-edge creativity.

  • Were your ears burning? We were talking about how much we appreciate you and the way you have helped us look so good!

  • Red Chalk accommodates our requests, no matter how challenging they may be, and they do so in the most professional manner. It is a pleasure to work with the Red Chalk gang.

Our Strength Is In Our Experience


  • Automotive
  • Product and Service Names
  • Associations & Co-ops
  • Beauty
  • Building & Construction

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Fitness & Health

  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Home Services
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Municipal
  • Non-profit
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Technology

Interested in growing your business?