Repositioning, strengthening and elevating a unique retail brand

ACTIVE 2015-2019

It’s fair to say that Anderson’s is an institution in Newport News, Virginia.

Having begun in 1954 as a wholesale plant grower, Anderson’s has grown over the years to be a retail department store with not only a nursery and greenhouse, but also gardening supplies and landscape services, home goods, seasonal gifts and décor, women’s fashion boutique and café. They pretty much broke the typical greenhouse retailer mold a long time ago.


In 2016, when Anderson’s had plans to open a second location in Virginia Beach, they were entering a new market with a distinctly different target audience, which had little to zero experience with Anderson’s. In addition, the market for their flagship location was waning. They knew a change was needed, and they needed the help of Red Chalk Studios.

Anderson's Greenhouse Marketing Guide


Red Chalk Studios was instrumental in developing strategies, producing content and overall management for:

  • Brand Positioning: a distinct and memorable core brand idea that is integrated into everything they do, with the core of everything revolving around a central theme of “love”
  • Brand Identity System Design: naming conventions, logos for the core brand and all brand extensions, color palette, typography, brand voice and messaging strategies
  • Store signage, way-finding and merchandising solutions
  • Re-branding their greenhouse restaurant, Sage Kitchen: logo, menu design, naming conventions and environmental design support
  • Multi-platform Advertising Campaigns: TV, direct mail, print, digital
  • Website: showcasing each department’s unique qualities and expertise  / +
  • Social Media Strategy + Content Management: building strong connections with their core audiences
  • Search Marketing: improving organic and paid search results
  • Video, photography and editorial content
  • Master Design & Messaging Systems + Creative Directorship: supporting in-house designers


Following launch of the new website:

  • Month 1: 20% increase in website traffic + 30% increase in time on site + 24% increase in unique visitors
  • 2019: 43% increase in traffic over 2018 + 37% increase in organic traffic

Following co-managing Anderson’s social media channels:

  • Month 1: 6% increase in followers + 37% increase in organic reach + 47% increase in engagement
  • 2019: 35% increase in followers since 2017 + 68% increase in organic reach + 105% increase in engagement

Our efforts will allow their internal team to manage and build on the foundation we created as well as the messaging strategies and design systems we’ve established.

Red Chalk Studios fashion photography in Anderson's greenhouse

Red Chalk Studios designed Anderson's signage

Red Chalk Studios designed Anderson's website

Red Chalk Studios developed Anderson's brand extensions

Red Chalk Studio business card design for Andersons's Garden Center

Anderson's family of logos by Red Chalk Studios

Red Chalk Studios fashion photography in Anderson's greenhouse

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