Thrive Proactive Health

Realigning communications for a growing multi-service health clinic


Restarting to rev up the marketing engine

When Julie at Thrive first approached Red Chalk, she was primarily looking for a new marketing agency to handle their digital marketing and strengthen their lead-generation strategies. Before we jumped into planning and developing tactics, we started with auditing and assessing their existing brand communications and marketing efforts.

The development of their Marketing Playbook was critical as it pointed out where their market position strengths lay and where they weren’t living up to their brand foundation principles. We found critical issues with their website, their marketing materials, their messaging, and the brand identity and visual systems. In essence, we needed to take a few steps back to shore up these areas so they could work smarter and harder at establishing trust and encouraging engagement.


A broad list of how we’ve helped strengthen and grow Thrive Proactive Health’s brand and business includes:

  • Marketing Playbook
  • Brand Identity System Strengthening
  • Correspondence System Redesign
  • Brand Messaging Strengthening
  • Marketing Collateral Development
  • Website Strategies, Cleanup, Design & Management
  • Onsite and Local SEO Implementation
  • Social Media Consulting & Graphic Support
  • Google & Meta Ad Management Strategies, Implementation & Management

Thrive Proactive Health logo system redesign by Red Chalk Studios

Strengthening Thrive’s Identity System

Following our audits and assessments to develop their Marketing Playbook, we initially set out to improve Thrive’s identity system, starting with fixing typographic weaknesses in their wordmark, giving it more weight, personality, and allowing “Proactive Health” to have a larger, more appropriate footprint.

The round sun/sea emblem was strengthened to give it more weight and presence, especially when viewed small. The tagline and iconography family was also adjusted to better align with the entire system.

Thrive Proactive Health business card design by Red Chalk Studios


Creating Better Marketing Collateral

Thrive offers a wealth of services and as such, has a large family of marketing materials. Our audits showed how the current design and writing wasn’t presenting them in the best light. We undertook redesigning dozens of different rack cards, brochures, handouts, posters and promotional graphics to use on their internal electronic billboard, social media and booking app.

Thrive Proactive Health's marketing collateral development by Red Chalk Studios

Thrive Proactive Health graphic design systems by Red Chalk Studios

Turning an Ineffective Newsletter Into a Powerful Magazine & Blog

Thrive’s team of service providers were already writing content for Thrive’s blog on a monthly basis. However, the newsletter that was developed to promote those articles was poorly designed and inefficient at presenting that valuable content.

Realizing the gem they had in rough form, Red Chalk took on the roles of editor and magazine producer to better house and distribute Thrive’s wealth of knowledge and healthful guidance under the new “Thriving” masthead.

Before the Thriving magazine program was paused in 2023, we produce 11 magazines and implemented over 60 blog articles.

Thrive Proactive Health's Thriving Magazine design by Red Chalk Studios


Cleaning Up a Bloated Website, Presenting Content in a More Engaging Solution, Optimizing Conversion Strategies

When we ran our initial audits, Thrive’s website was extremely slow to load and suffered from both image- and code-bloat. Because we had so much to address across all of Thrive’s marketing assets, and timing was critical, we opted to keep the existing site, but perform some much needed surgery.

After addressing performance issues, we tackled improving on-site SEO strategies, content presentation, brand presentation, user experience, conversion strategies and more. This remains a work in progress as we monitor its performance and continue to optimize and make adjustments to increase engagement.

Thrive Proactive Health website by Red Chalk Studios


We continue to work with the team at Thrive as they resume and fulfill more in-house marketing roles. Plus, we love being a client of Thrive’s, as they are Red Chalk’s official corporate wellness provider. Thrive on!

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