Chalk Talk

A Letter to Our Clients

Dear Favorite Client,

Where to begin? There are so many things we’ve been wanting to tell you, but until now, never quite got around to it. You’re busy, we’re busy… there’s the kids to feed and the chores to do. But we’re putting all of that aside now, because this is important and these things need to be said. We want you to know what you mean to us…

Because of you, we get to do the things we love.

Not everyone can say that their job gives them satisfaction on a regular basis. Not everyone wakes up in the morning, excited to put their passion into play and see what the day will bring. And not everyone loves what they do for a living. We chose this profession, or it chose us, because we love the challenges of creating something that solves a problem, that brings clarification to the chaos, that strips away the chaff and reveals the inner truth. Whether we’re designing, coding, strategizing, writing, concepting, managing, or any of the many other tasks we perform… we’re doing it because we care and it makes us happy. How amazing is that?! Without you, we couldn’t do this.

Because of you, we have a team of exceptionally talented, caring people.

Our company was built on a long-fostered foundation of providing great work with a great attitude. Over the years, as our partnership has grown, so has the demand for us to provide more greatness. To do that, we have to have people that are not only talented in each of their specialties, but can work well with one another and, most importantly, work well with you, dear client. We are a collective that brings unique talents, fosters the growth and betterment in us all, and cares that you are taken care of to the best of our abilities. Without you, we couldn’t have the team we have.

Because of you, we work in an environment that allows us the freedoms we need and fosters the creativity you desire.

When Red Chalk was first formed in 2010, spinning out of Koehler Nelson Studios, we lived in a tiny room housed inside another business. It was fine when it was just one of us… but one quickly grew to two, then three. Fast forward to 2014… 2 more moves and an expansion allowed us to create an environment to be proud of, where our growing team can flourish (and not so bad for throwing a parties!). Having the space we have now was critical to how well we do our business. And without you, we couldn’t have built this.

Because of you, all of our clients benefit.

The lessons we learn from you — how you need to reach your audience, the challenges you face in doing so, and the solutions we collectively come up with — all of this valuable information and experience get parlayed into the next set of problems we have to solve and challenges we face. And vice versa… the work we do for you is even better because we’ve had the experience of working with so many others. How wonderful is that? And it’s all because of you!

Because of you, we learn how to fly.

Douglas Adams once said, “Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” Everyday there are challenges. Everyday there are setbacks. Everyday there are failures. And everyday, there are successes. Your challenges are ours. We are here to help you solve them. We might not have all the answers when we start our journey, but we’re going to throw ourselves off the cliff in search of those truths. Without you, we couldn’t take that leap.

And because of you, we have a friend.

Why are you our favorite client? It’s not because you help us pay the bills. It’s not because we get free samples (though we’d be lying if we didn’t admit you earned brownie points with those). Really, it’s because we consider you our friend. We’ve shared some of ourselves with each other, we had some great laughs, we’ve probably also had some disagreements. But in the end, we’ve produced work together that we’re really proud of. And, we know we couldn’t have done it without each other. At the very least, we wouldn’t have had as much fun. We couldn’t be friends if it wasn’t for you.

I hope you know how much we appreciate you. For all the reasons above, and so many more, you are the fuel that keeps the light burning. I don’t know about you, but I need a hug!

Thank you for everything. Sincerely.

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