Kim Nelson


Brand Archetypes: The Sovereign

Do you have a “boss” business? Is your business brand that of a leader, one that is imbued with dignity and tradition, embracing proper behavior? If so, you are a Sovereign and your business is all about privilege and status. As a brand, you are controlled with a, dare we say, royal feel? (Is it […]

Brand Archetypes: The Explorer

Does your business embrace the idea of new experiences and expanded horizons? As a brand, is your business mantra, “Time to hit the open road”? Does it celebrate the urge to set out on a journey and make discoveries along the way? If those answers are yes, then your business, my independent friend, is an […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Explorer are you?

Is the open road calling? Does your business wrap itself around exploration? Is your brand all about setting out to discover the great unknown, one that celebrates new perspectives and expanded horizons? Or, perhaps, your business brand is motivated by inner discovery and staying true to the authentic self. Does any of this sound familiar? […]

Brand Archetypes: The Sage

Is your business one that dispenses wisdom? Is its brand persona one of thoughtful contemplation and compassion? If so, your brand reflects the qualities of the Sage. It embraces truth seeking and shares the kind of knowledge that comes from experience. Not to sound too much like the proverbial “elder on top of the mountain,” […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Sage are you?

Are you a truth seeker and a giver of Sage advice? If your business brand is one that thrives on knowledge, one that thrives on sharing information and discovery, then you might very well be the Sage. Businesses that identify as the Sage archetype share traits that include excellent communication and a love of education. […]

Brand Archetypes: The Innocent

Joyful. Trusting. Optimistic. If these are the traits of your business, your brand archetype is the Innocent. Of course (and, perhaps, obviously), if your business is described as “innocent,” it exudes purity and wholesomeness. It may also embrace wonder and simplicity, and there is emphasis on inner peace, acceptance and renewal. As a brand, the […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Innocent are you?

Is your brand as innocent as it seems? What does it mean to be innocent? Does it simply mean that you’re not guilty? Oh, no, it’s so much more than that. As your business’s brand archetype, being Innocent (now with a capital “I”) means that your business is about wonder and honesty. Maybe your products […]

Brand Archetypes: The Rebel

“Don’t tell me what to do.” Your business’s brand persona questions authority. You break the rules. You crave rebellion and revolution. Your brand, my friend, is that of a Rebel. As a “Rebel” business, you question the status quo and encourage—nay—demand change. In that leadership position, the Rebel is a rabble rouser, raising awareness, stirring […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Rebel are you?

Is the rebel in you bursting out? Does your business’s personality seem to always go against the grain? Do you (as a company) make the risky choice, going left instead of right? Are you attracted to change itself or to the drama and chaos that surrounds change? So many ways to be, well, rebellious. And […]

Brand Archetypes: The Lover

Cue Cheap Trick singing “I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I’d love you to love me…” Indeed. A clear case of the Lover, desiring to be desired. As an archetype, the Lover is motivated to become more physically and emotionally appealing in order to increase their ability to attract […]

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