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Telling a Story Through Public Relations – Where to Start

Understanding the power of public relations, from Elizabeth, our PR expert…

When my daughters were little, they occasionally asked about my job. What do I do, what am I writing and who is it for? They loved to read and to be read to, and we three enjoyed escaping into the adventurous lives of Little Bear, Olivia and Poppleton, along with a whimsical cast of other child-lit characters.

To answer their question in a way they could relate, I told them I was a storyteller. I gather information about interesting people, places and things; tell journalists about my findings; and ask them to share the news with their audiences.

That worked for a while. In the end, they simply told their friends, “My mom’s a writer.” So much easier to say.


For Red Chalk clients who are new to the concept of public relations, I first explain that an experienced PR practitioner can help them elevate their brand outside the realm of paid advertising.


A good media story, for instance, implies that your brand is significant enough to be covered in the news. That’s gold.

In addition, a strategic, ongoing public relations program will pay off in the long run by delivering a handsome return on investment in terms of editorial reach, followers gained and good will earned.

Finally, I want clients to know that PR professionals are excellent communicators, who can fill a variety of needs for their business, including:

Media Relations Expertise

PR pros understand how editors and journalists go about their reporting; we know what makes a good story; and we are skilled at getting ideas into the right hands. When you see positive, prominent coverage about an innovative product, a heart-warming human-interest story or a theatrical review, chances are a seasoned PR maven did the pitching.

Media Training

The stories we just mentioned? We train clients about the nuances of working with the media, from knowing what (and what not) to say, and how to say it.

Crisis Communications

Some PR practitioners specialize in this area. If you feel you may need to avert a potential crisis that could negatively impact your brand, these specialists have your back.

News Conferences

If the news you want to share is really big or breaking-news worthy, staging a news conference may be in order. PR experts will work with you to develop your messaging, invite the media and manage the event.


With your input, background and an understanding of your audience, we’ll make sure your speech is on point.


We love to write. Tell us what you want to say, and we’ll turn out engaging content, from subject line to the closing article.


Some clients have a lot to say, but not enough time to channel their thoughts into writing. We can edit rough drafts, write from scratch and manage your blog on an ongoing basis.

Social Media Management

We can take your existing content and break it down into delicious, bite-sized morsels that can be circulated and shared among your clients and followers.

Online News Room Management

Having a central location for containing all this news is good for you, your followers, the media, search engine optimization – and for archival purposes. It’s a library that will expand over time, with each and every communication.


So – storytelling? Yes. However, I hope you will see that an adept PR practitioner offers so much more. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.)

Want strong, strategic storytelling for your business? Not sure where to start? Red Chalk’s crackerjack PR team is just a click or call away.

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