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Why You Should Know About Ramona, Our Happiness Counselor

Every design studio, every branding house, every advertising agency has one. You know, that one employee who has to be the center of attention, who comes in late and leaves early, that Queen Bee who lords over all, that creative mind that says one brilliant word in a meeting and leaves the rest of us scrambling to figure out the details.

Red Chalk is no exception. We have (cue the drumroll that sounds remarkably like claws scratching a chair)… Ramona.

Ramona Grey Cat Laying

The reason we’re writing this is because new clients ask about her. Current clients want updates. No matter how many smart social media strategies we deploy, how many brilliant marketing solutions we design, or how many engaging websites we launch, it’s all about Ramona.

Ramona grey cat laying on desk

Ramona, Ramona, Ramona.

Not that we’re bitter or anything.

We love Ramona. Is it the way she steals every last pencil from your desk? Is it the way she demonstrates her paper-weight expertise on the one document you’re looking for? Or perhaps it’s the oh-so precious way she ushers a blue-skink guest into your meeting?

Ramona on Chair and Looking at Camera

Good times. We’ll take it. Because she also jumps into a lap for a snuggle or gives your leg a “drive-by” hug. In fact, those who study these things tell us Ramona is also:

  • Reducing our stress levels
  • Forcing us to take breaks
  • Boosting our morale
  • A recruiting tool
  • Encouraging teamwork

It’s high time we recognize the one employee that makes us, well, better. We can honestly say there’s a little bit of hair, uh, her in everything we do.Ramona while we are working

Thanks, Ramona.

(And if you want to meet any of the other smart Red Chalkers and see if our capabilities match your needs, please give us a call.)

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