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Red Chalk Studios Helps Music Makers Maximize Their Potential

Robert Smith had a vision for what he wanted Music Makers to be.

He had been a teacher at the studio for two years, but when he was approached by the owners to buy it, he took the opportunity to make it his own.


A little background: Music Makers is a studio that offers private music lessons to young and old alike, as well as a music performance school called Music Makers Live. With an amazing roster of experienced teachers, Music Makers is all about spreading the joy of, well, making music.


One problem. At the time, Music Makers didn’t have a strong brand, “an identity that people could understand,” according to Robert.


One thing that intrigued me about Red Chalk was that you guys kind of focused on the story of the business as opposed to just, ‘Here, here’s a logo, here’s this and that, everything you need.’ You guys really cared about the business. You involved yourselves by coming over here and being a part of some of our workshops.”

Sure, we took the drumming workshop. And yes, we strummed guitars, tickled the ivories, and sang. But we also partnered with Music Makers to create a strong brand, a smart logo and a hard-working website that reflects who they are and what they’re about.

Robert loves that he has a brand foundation that speaks his truth, an identity system that articulates the experience his business delivers and a website that positions Music Makers as the caring, nurturing environment it is.

But more than that, he knows it’s a true reflection of the business and is appreciative of how Red Chalk has helped him “maximize our potential.”

His words.

And while his business has changed—has grown—he now has new problems.

Let me tell you, the biggest problem… I have too many students! I don’t know what to do with them!”

We bet you do, Robert. Rock on, Music Makers!

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