Brand Archetypes


Brand Archetypes: The Caregiver

Are you taking care of business by giving care in business? You want to help and you find purpose or meaning by reaching out to improve the lives of others. You are motivated to serve, offering a calm presence, a steady hand and an open heart. As a Caregiver business, you are compassionate and generous. […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Caregiver are you?

Your altruism and nurturing activities are the central mission of your business, and that’s a clear indication that you are a Caregiver brand archetype. The world might be a scary place, but you, Caregiver, are not afraid of the truth. In fact, you look to expose the world’s problems and work to fix them. ‍Compassion […]

Brand Archetypes: The Hero

Here you come to save the day… You may have seemingly ordinary characteristics, but you are a curious, continuous learner. In the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, it’s the sacrifices you make to overcome obstacles that define you and make you extraordinary. As a Hero business, you exemplify bravery, strength and a high-quality service or […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Hero are you?

If you are strong and honorable, bravely working to make the world a better place, then you are a Hero brand archetype. Your goal is to transform the situation from bad to good, to conquer hurdles and obstacles with integrity and honor. Tenacity and endurance are important facets of your business. As the Hero archetype, […]

Brand Archetypes: The Creator

If it can be dreamed, it can be done. You’re passionate about self expression, you’re highly creative and your imagination is highly developed. In addition, your keen sense of aesthetic helps drive your need to actively create. As a Creator business, you have a keen understanding of the need for innovation, invention and reinterpretation. You […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Creator are you?

If imagination and innovation are deep characteristics of your business, then you are a Creator brand archetype. Expression plays a big part of your business, whether it’s a driving need, a strategic way to deliver information, or a device that brings people together. As the Creator archetype, your business embraces the creative process and encourages […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Jester are you?

If your business is able to make someone smile while tapping into a universal truth or wisdom, you are a Jester brand archetype. Maybe your business embodies the sort of innocent cleverness that allows you to speak the truth without offending anyone. Or maybe you embrace being boldly original, not afraid to laugh at yourself […]

Brand Archetypes: The Jester

Bring on the laughter… Is your business personality one that wants to entertain people? Is it important that you connect with people through happiness or laughter? As the Jester archetype, your business is a bit irreverent, pushing the boundaries of what’s expected or “normal.” It’s this humor and the way you deliver it that sets […]

Brand Archetypes: The Citizen

You are in the people business… Does your business look at your customers or members as peers? If your business is energetic and optimistic, and is driven by the belief that together we’re better, then your archetype is most likely the Citizen. As a Citizen business, you respect differences, but find that your mission is […]

Brand Archetypes: What kind of Citizen are you?

Your business finds purpose in connections and shared humanity, and in promoting the greater good. You spark change. That’s a big part of the Citizen archetype. And your business—as a Citizen business—works to do that by recognizing and building community, having a strong sense of fairness, and taking action to benefit others. Citizen archetype businesses […]

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