Video and Motion Graphic Animation

We’re helping businesses, organizations and non-profits stand out and connect with their audiences through video and 2D motion graphics.

Marketing is storytelling. And video is the master storyteller.

We love helping our clients tell better stories.

Red Chalk Studios loves helping our clients make an impact, stand out from the crowd and provide value to their tribes. Video and 2D animation is a great way to do just that, whether it’s for brand storytelling, advertising, building awareness, education, training or just having fun…

  • concept development
  • scriptwriting
  • storyboarding
  • production management
  • filming
  • art direction
  • on-screen talent
  • voice-over talent
  • custom illustration
  • motion graphic animation
  • sound editing
  • video editing

Public Service

Instructional for Flushing Building Water

Red Chalk Studios helped create an easy-to-understand instructional video for our friends at the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC), as they help businesses reopen buildings that have been closed long enough for water to have settled in pipes.

Home Services

Brand Relaunch + Service Promotion

After a 20+ year hiatus from TV advertising, and with the rebrand of the new Adeedo! (our Los Angeles-based home services provider client), we relaunched into TV introducing Birdie, our Adeedo! happy homeowner. Because the old brand advertising was still very much remembered and beloved in their community, we included a “nod” to the original.


ABNB Federal Credit Union
Brand Relaunch + Product Promotion

ABNB Federal Credit Union came to Red Chalk with a specific desire: relaunch ABNB to the Hampton Roads community, and do it in a way that gets attention and resonates with our audiences. Challenge accepted! First step, competitor audits and a preliminary Brand Foundation Directive. Next… putting personality on it. In the first week of airing, this TV spot—along with an accompanying digital ad and social media campaign—generated an impressive number of leads and account openings.

Environmental Education
Clean Storm Drains

Getting people to change their behavior when it comes to environmental issues is very challenging. But it’s a challenge we’ve been successfully tackling for over 10 years on behalf of Our most recent video on this subject includes custom illustration, an inviting voice, and a fun way to tell the story.

Environmental Education
Fats, Oils and Grease in Drains

How do you get people to understand the importance of NOT putting fats, oils or grease down their sinks? Make the message an appealing “Seussical” and you’ve got yourself something they’ll watch AND listen to.

Environmental Education
What Not to Flush

When you have to make a negative message charming, when you have to mention unmentionables, such as what not to flush (and conversely what TO flush), well, you have to be very careful. And very clever. With fun rhymes, colorful graphics and an engaging voice talent, we delivered a powerful message that—we hope—goes straight down the toilet.

Environmental Education
The Value of Water

Helping people see the value of water, something that’s taken for granted and used so often that it’s an expectation, could be challenging. But with this Imagine a Day Without Water video, we walked people through what it might be like, using a rhyming story, familiar-sounding voice, and colorful graphics. The campaign, which included radio, digital ads, social media, public relations and partnerships with coffee shops and breweries, helped people understand and appreciate the work behind turning on a faucet and having clean water come out.

Environmental Education
Pet Waste Cleanup

What better way to talk about scooping the poop than to write a poo-em? As a reminder to pick up your pet’s…deposit, this video also explains the impact of leaving doggy doo-doo on the ground, the bacteria it contains, and how it gets washed down storm drains and into our waterways. Along with radio and digital ads, this campaign encouraged people to be, well, doo-gooders. Naturally.

Environmental Education
Plastic Bag Recycling

Recycling messaging can be complicated when you start to address the contamination that happens when people throw material in the recycling bin that isn’t suitable. So in order to keep from discouraging people with a multi-layered message, the idea was to get back to basics, concentrating on a single, simple message: recycle your plastic bags. Educational through a fun rhyme, this video message empowered people to “do it the right way.”

Environmental Education
Single-Use Plastic

In the recycling world, the mantra “Refuse, Reuse, Recycle” is popular. In this powerful video, bolstered by startling environmental statistics, video clips, and edgy graphics, we encourage people to “choose to refuse” single-use plastics, and replace them with greener options.

Environmental Education
Flood Insurance

“Anywhere it can rain, it can flood.” That’s the concept around this campaign encouraging people to understand the need for flood insurance, created specifically for the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission. Through interviews with local people who had personally experienced flooding on the Southside and the Peninsula, this video (and the accompanying website presents the facts about flooding, clarifies the misunderstanding that flooding is not covered by homeowners insurance, and encourages people in Hampton Roads to “get flood fluent.”

Arts & Entertainment Nonprofit

Seasonal Introduction

Helping reach new audiences is a continuing challenge for symphonies and orchestras. It’s been our pleasure to help Virginia Beach’s own Symphonicity elevate their brand aesthetic, better tell their story, work with Maestro Daniel Boothe to fulfill his vision, and create marketing collateral such as this video to grow their audience base.

Healthcare Nonprofit

Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach
Fund Drive Initiative

Helping attract donors and meeting the needs of the community is a continuing challenge for nonprofits. We’ve been honored to help Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach strengthen their brand position and improve their marketing and fundraising efforts. All have been met with much appreciation and success!


Brand Relaunch + Promotion

When your garden center is so much more than a garden center, storytelling with video is a natural choice. And when you have weekly sales to promote, doing it in a strongly branded, efficient and effective manner can be a challenge. But that’s where we shine…


Red Chalk Studios
Holiday, Stop-motion Animation


Red Chalk Studios
Holiday, Stop-motion Animation


Red Chalk Studios
Holiday, Motion-graphics


Red Chalk Studios
Holiday, Motion-graphics

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