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Intro to Brand Archetypes: 1 of 3

Quick. When we say “Harley-Davidson,” what do you think of?  <pause> Motorcycles aside, if you thought “freedom” or “loud” or “badass wearing a leather jacket,” then the Harley-Davidson company would be quite happy. Why? Because you have understood and clearly identified their brand personality, which is reflective of their primary brand archetype: the Rebel. An […]

Five Compelling Reasons Your Business Needs to Use Brand Archetypes: 2 of 3

We introduced archetypes in An Intro to Brand Archetypes, listing the twelve fundamental archetype families and their extension archetypes, for a total of sixty archetypes. Red Chalk Studios uses all sixty to help businesses discover their brand archetypes. And yes, we said archetypes, plural.   Why should businesses use brand archetypes? Harnessing the power of […]

The Power of Brand Archetypes and How to Use Them: 3 of 3

We just connect with some brands, don’t we? We have a bond and it’s hard to describe exactly why. It’s as if we know them. In some cases, it’s as if we love them. For example, are you Coke or Pepsi? Chick-fil-A or Popeye’s? iPhone or Samsung? What is it that attracts us to these […]

Three Game-Changing Strategies To Managing Your Brand Consistency in 2022

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you… Recognize that song from “The King and I”? Whether you do or don’t, getting to know someone is the first thing you do before becoming friends. And really, isn’t that what you’re trying to do when attracting customers? Absolutely. But how do you do that? […]

What’s the Difference Between Brand, Branding and Brand Identity?

These days, the word “brand” is used by just about everyone in everything and everywhere. Do a quick search for “brand” and Google shows almost 11.5 BILLION results. There are big brands, personal brands, product brands, company brands… Everything is a brand. Or so it seems. To make it even more overwhelming, take another quick […]

Properly Catering to Customers Begins with Better Business Alignment

We checked in with CEO and owner of Cater Boom, Shaun Kisler, to learn what he valued the most of his experience working with Red Chalk Studios to reposition and strengthen his brand. Shaun Kisler was frustrated.   He was in medical sales doing a lot of catering and lunch-and-learn events, and needed a faster […]

Telling a Story Through Public Relations – Where to Start

Understanding the power of public relations, from Elizabeth, our PR expert… When my daughters were little, they occasionally asked about my job. What do I do, what am I writing and who is it for? They loved to read and to be read to, and we three enjoyed escaping into the adventurous lives of Little […]

Red Chalk Studios Helps Music Makers Maximize Their Potential

Robert Smith had a vision for what he wanted Music Makers to be. He had been a teacher at the studio for two years, but when he was approached by the owners to buy it, he took the opportunity to make it his own.   A little background: Music Makers is a studio that offers […]

Fine Tuning a Community Orchestra Includes Smart Branding Insight and the Right Marketing Tools

Symphonicity, the community orchestra of Virginia Beach, was at a turning point.   The founder and music director of the orchestra was retiring after 35 years, and the non-profit arts organization’s board had created a committee to help them find a new maestro. Enter Red Chalk Studios.    Getting to know this group of passionate […]

Which Social Media Channels Are The Best For Me?

Chances are, you should be using a social media channel (or two, or more) to help market your business. But what do you do? How do you get started? If you’re already out there, are you doing it correctly? And how could you improve what you’re doing? First, you need to know the answers to […]

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